May 29, 2024

Scotts Head in home newborn photography

When Pat and Mura welcomed their newborn daughter, Nina, they knew they wanted to capture these precious early moments. They opted for a newborn photo session at home, a decision that proved to be perfect.

On the day of the shoot, their home was filled with excitement. Little Fabio, Nina’s proud big brother, couldn’t wait to show off his new sibling. The photographer arrived and quickly made everyone feel at ease.

In the cozy nursery, the photographer began capturing beautiful moments. Nina looked angelic in her crib, while Fabio’s joyful interactions with her were pure gold. Pat and Mura appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, with no stressful car rides or hurried schedules—just the comfort of home.

The photos turned out to be a perfect reflection of their family’s love and unique bond, filled with personal and meaningful details. Fabio’s playful antics added charm and authenticity to the images.

In the end, having the newborn photo session at home allowed Pat, Mura, Fabio, and little Nina to be themselves, resulting in genuine, heartwarming photos they will cherish forever.

A family snuggling on a couch the parents hold their newborn while their toddler is jumping head first on the lounge at a in home photo session

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May 29, 2024

Alice Payne

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