May 30, 2024

Mid North Coast in home newborn photography – NSW

Nikki and Luka’s home in beautiful Coffs Harbour got an extra dose of joy when they welcomed their little superstar, Vinzo. His tiny hands and feet melted hearts with every move.

Welcoming a new baby is magical, and capturing those early moments through photography is a fantastic way to cherish memories.

As new parents, they chose a newborn photography session in the comfort of their home.

Being in their own space made everything easier. They could relax, knowing everything they needed was right there. Their home was the perfect backdrop, filled with love and warmth, from cuddling on the couch to giggling in the nursery. Their adorable pups even photobombed a few shots!

The best part? They could go at their own pace. If Vinzo needed a break for feeding or cuddles, they could pause the session without stress. It was all about keeping baby happy and comfy, leading to some truly beautiful moments on camera.

These photos captured memories of love, laughter, and the incredible journey of parenthood. Looking back on them, Nikki and Luka will always remember the warmth and joy of those early days at home with their super baby, Vinzo.

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May 30, 2024

Alice Payne

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