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At Your Service…

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Pet of the Month

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Welcome to Alice Payne Photography
… Focusing on Nature and Pets

Ansel Adams is credited with saying: “Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.”

That’s how I feel about my photography. Whether I’m making pictures of a wild flower by a roadside, and a sunbeam suddenly provides the perfect lighting, or while taking a picture of a dog or a cat that suddenly gives me that special look, I feel that I was meant to be the one to “… click the shutter”.

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.

My goal is to bring you, the viewer, into the moment. To make you smile at the antics of a kitten or a puppy. To let you stop and look deeply into the delicate beauty of a white trillium in a quiet mountain glen. To let you enjoy a mischievous Persian playing with his favorite toy. To make you laugh at the silly grin of a terrier or empathize with a very dignified Boston terrier who finds herself wearing a toboggan hat!

If one of my pictures touches you in a special way, then I’ve achieved my personal goal. If my photography helps you capture a special memory of your own and hold it forever, I am truly honored.

I invite you to wander through the galleries. Each gallery opens with an image and a page from my “Photographer’s Journal”.  I will share something about that memory that makes it one of my special moments. The galleries will change and grow over time.

The Nature Gallery includes flowers, quiet pools, sunrises and sunsets. There will always be Animals… dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, maybe horses… who knows what. The Something Different Gallery will be home to black and white photography, alternative imaging processes, digital art… anything beyond nature and animals.

What you will see in these galleries are special moments and memories I have helped clients hold forever.


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